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Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle 2018/9/3 17:23
My family and I will be visiting Osaka for the first time in early December. One of our itineraries is to visit Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle. We have booked an accommodation near {桥3 Nipponbashi area.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could advise the best route to visit the two places. Shall I visit Osaka Castle first then Nakanoshima or the other way round. If I were to visit Nakanoshima first, am I right if I start my journey at Nakanoshima Station and walk along the river bank until the end to Nakanoshima Park and then to Osaka Castle.

May I know which is the best option to go to Osaka Castle from Nakanoshima Park? Walking or take a sub-way? Please advise. Thank you and have a nice day.
by Chan Huat Low (guest)  

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