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Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle 2018/9/3 17:23
My family and I will be visiting Osaka for the first time in early December. One of our itineraries is to visit Nakanoshima and Osaka Castle. We have booked an accommodation near 日本桥3南 Nipponbashi area.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could advise the best route to visit the two places. Shall I visit Osaka Castle first then Nakanoshima or the other way round. If I were to visit Nakanoshima first, am I right if I start my journey at Nakanoshima Station and walk along the river bank until the end to Nakanoshima Park and then to Osaka Castle.

May I know which is the best option to go to Osaka Castle from Nakanoshima Park? Walking or take a sub-way? Please advise. Thank you and have a nice day.
by Chan Huat Low (guest)  

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