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How to buy/rent a tv? 2018/9/3 20:26
Hi! I'm coming to Japan this month for Tokyo Games Show. I'm representing a very small, 2 person indie company and we have a small booth. For the booth, we need a TV/Monitor. TGS can arrange that for us but it's going to be $1000 USD for 4 days which is insane. I already confirmed that I can buy a new 40" tv at bic camera for less than $400. Are there any other, cheaper alternatives? Maybe a used electronics store or some kind of non extremely expensive rental?

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Re: How to buy/rent a tv? 2018/9/4 17:45
I think there are shops for used electronics.
However what I really want to caution you about is, what will you do with the tv screen after the show? Bring it back with you? (great) Just throw it away? (not great, because it would cost extra money and would mean also some organization to get it picked up by a specialized company) Sell it on craigslist or something like that? (good, as long as you have a little bit of time after the fair.
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Re: How to buy/rent a tv? 2018/9/4 22:34
There are recycle shops which sell used TVs - and at end of use, they also purchase them - at a discount of course.
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