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Tasting food sample at depachika 2018/9/3 23:22
How does a Japanese normally taste her food sample at a depachika? Does she finish eating her sample in front of the staff, place her used toothpick inside the box and then walk away? Or does she take the sample and eat it as she walks away?

When a Japanese goes to the depachika with her family and all the family members casually take one sample to try and they walk away without buying anything, is this considered rude? Or should only 1 person from the family try the food so that they do not appear as cheapo, even if they do not buy?
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Re: Tasting food sample at depachika 2018/9/5 23:04
If you are tasting some Food samples at a depachika, you donLt go around/away while you are eating.
Same for buying and eating Food at Festivals.
You stay in place since you are finished your meal (or your little Food sample).
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Re: Tasting food sample at depachika 2018/9/6 20:23
Ok so I get it that I stay put till I have finished the food and put the used toothpick in a box before I walk away. Now does a Japanese typically take food samples and pass it to her family members? Or is it a custom that only 1 member try?

If they try the food and do not like it, do they smile and walk away? Or do they say "iie, kekko desu"?
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Re: Tasting food sample at depachika 2018/9/6 20:41
No, donLt worry about it!
All of your Family members can try the Food samples.
It is not limited to only one Person per Group.
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Re: Tasting food sample at depachika 2018/9/6 20:55
... sorry I hit the "submit" button to fast...

If the Person that give you the samples still watching your reply, it is good to smile and say "iie, kekkou desu" if you donLt like it and wonLt buy something.

Sometimes the Food samples lay on a tray at the Counter for helping yourself.
Than you can just smile an go away after testing, you donLt have to say much (besides a little "arigato" which is always nice).

If you like something an you will buy it, you can say: "Hai, kore ni shimasu" (Yes, i like to take it). :-)

I hope this helps a little bit
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