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Good moustache brush+other products in Tokyo 2018/9/4 01:49
So I know that Japan manufactures some extremely high quality brushes for all applications, but I donft know where to start looking. Ifm after a small beard/moustache brush made from good boar bristle. Does anyone know where I might find what Ifm looking for? I have the budget, and Ifm looking for something quite high quality.

Secondary question: anyone know of any good suppliers of other beard and moustache products here? Moustache waxes, beard balms, oils, and shampoos. I know facial hair is not popular here and some people even frown upon it, you canft find this stuff in drug stores. But I have seen a few styled moustaches out and about in Tokyo so I know at the very least that wax is available somewhere.

Tl;dr: Ifm looking for
1. A high quality boar bristle brush for moustache use
2. Suppliers of a good range of moustache wax, beard oil, shampoo, and styling balm.

Thank you.
by Bars (guest)  

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