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Tottori Sand Museum - discount coupons 2018/9/5 04:27
I read in some review that if you come to the Sand Museum, they give you discount coupons for riding camels and such. And you can also ride the gondola down to the dunes.

However, I don't see such information in Japan-Guide or the Museum's official website.

Do they really still give the discount coupons for camel ride, and how much discount is that?

Also, what's the gondola ride down to the dunes? I could find the picture anywhere in the internet.

There's also another review mentioning about discounted Museum ticket (500 yen) if purchasing from the tourist office at JR Tottori station. Is this still valid? And if so, are the gondola ride & discount coupons for riding camels also applicable for such discounted museum ticket?
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Re: Tottori Sand Museum - discount coupons 2018/9/5 12:57
If you visit the Sand Museum or the Sand Dune Center (they are across a parking lot from each other), then the "gondola" (it's more like a ski lift, running continuously) is a convenient way to get down to the dunes. Alternatively, you can take a bus which obviously does not run as frequently as the lift. From the dunes, not many people take the lift back, because you can take the bus, which stops at the museum, directly to Tottori Station.

I don't know anything about the discounts.
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