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What pass to use? 2018/9/5 22:36
Hi everyone,

I am going to travel as a couple to Kansai area via Osaka airport for about 9 days. Am thinking of going around to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Amanohashidiate, maybe Kobe. What kind of pass should I be getting to travel around these places?

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Re: What pass to use? 2018/9/6 11:04
For the area that you mention, a Kansai Wide Area Pass would work - but it is for 5 consecutive days. If you do the long distance travel within that amount of time, it could work out well for you.
For going between the main Kansai cities, fares are no much and no real pass is needed.
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Re: What pass to use? 2018/9/6 12:53
Thanks! So maybe getting a ICOCA card would work?
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Re: What pass to use? 2018/9/6 20:24
If you are traveling to Amanohashidiate from Osaka, the wide area pass almost makes up the cost, as it only covers 5 days, do work out when to start using it, and try to rearrange where you want to visit to make the most out of the pass.

Make sure you reserve the pass before you visit Japan on JR west site, as you save 1000 yen.
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