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Miyazaki Bus Pass routes 2018/9/6 01:33
I am thinking of buying the Miyazaki Bus Pass this November: http://www.miyakoh.co.jp/bus/visit_miyazaki_bus_pass/english.html

I will be in Takachiho and was initially going to go back to Kumamoto and then head down to Kirishima from there (using local train), but Ifm thinking Miyazaki might let me see more things.

Tentative plan:
Day 1) arrival 18:45 Takachiho (overnight Takachiho)
Day 2) Takachiho (overnight Takachiho)
Day 3) PASS: Bus Takachiho - Nobeoka. Train > visit Hyuga National Park.
Bus Nobeoka - Miyazaki. Bus to Aoshima.
Overnight Aoshima
Day 4) Buy another PASS: Bus Aoshima - Udo Jingū Shrine
Visit Obi town
Bus Miyazaki - Kirishima area

However, I'm not sure if this is possible. The map from the link includes these places, but then the page says "This pass is good for all the routes Miyazaki Kotsu operates, but not for the Nobeoka/Miyazaki line, the Miyazaki/Takachiho line [etc.]". I don't know if this means I can use it for my route or not. If I can't take it between Nobeoka-Miyazaki, I'm guessing the train would be the cheapest option?

Is it easy to go from Obi to Kirishima, or are there direct buses between Obi and Miyazaki city? Honestly, I'm just a bit confused by the map and I can't find any other information about the pass.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Miyazaki Bus Pass routes 2018/9/6 17:06
The map is for all bus routes of Miyaoh.

The website clearly states which routes are "NOT" included for the pass. Which some are your intented routes.
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