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Cheap anime figure shopping 2018/9/6 17:55
I am interested in male anime figures for example one piece, bleach, haikyuu, nendoroids and etc. I would like to collect the whole set of characters so money is a issue. I would like to get them as cheap as possible. Where should I shop? I would like the store name or address if possible. I would be Tokyo for a week and I have plans to visit Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and Nakano. I don't mind traveling far for a good deal. Also is it worth it going to Hobby off at Kameido? Thanks
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Re: Cheap anime figure shopping 2018/9/6 20:01
Nakano in my opinion is your best bet.
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Re: Cheap anime figure shopping 2018/9/6 21:28
The Chain Hobby off ist always a good idea for searching figures.

The one i know are in Ueno-Okachimachi (a Hard off/ Hobby off combination shop)
You can use the JR Yamanote Line to Ueno Station and go nearly completly trough the "Ameyoko Market"
If you use Google maps you will get helpful advice to find it.
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Re: Cheap anime figure shopping 2018/9/7 04:47
Therefs a Mandarake in Akihabara thatfs all second-hand goods. Of course, therefs no guarantee that theyfll have everything youfre looking for.
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Re: Cheap anime figure shopping 2018/9/8 05:32
I am a one of collector and familiar with such figures in general.

You can find many products that you want in those places no worry, but price is not so cheap.
(It may be an illusion as it is cheaper compared to your country)
The reason is simple, because urban shops cost expensive tenant rents and labor costs,
so it is necessary to buy them cheaply and sell high.

If you have the energy, physical strength and budget to find from before noon till night,
you should leave the mid Tokyo(23 wards) around 60 to 120 mins away bed towns by train.
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