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Kyoto Northern Higashiyama itinerary 2018/9/7 00:54
Hi I am going to Kyoto from September 22-27th. I am planning the northern part of Higashiyama right now and I need some advice with the itinerary.

Either I visit:
Nanzen-ji temple
Tenjuan Temple
Eikando Temple
Philosophers Path
Honen-in Temple
Ginkakuji Temple

Or I visit:
Nanzen-ji Temple
Heian-jingu Shrine
Philosopher's Path
Honen-in Temple
Ginkakuji Temple

Which would you guys think would be better?

And how many hours do you guys think it would take for me to finish this itinerary? If I leave in the morning do you guys think its possible to be back by early evening?

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Re: Kyoto Northern Higashiyama itinerary 2018/9/7 17:39
I would start with Ginkakuji and then walk down south to Honen-in etc. to Nanzenji where there is some small temples/gardens exist. Ginkakuji is not reachable by train/subway so you may better go there in the morning when the bus is less crowded. Nanzenji is close to subway Keage station which will make you less trouble as compared to the bus from Ginkakuji.

There are so many temples/shrines/gardens/museums in this area so you might not be able to see all of them. Honen-in is rather small temple free of charge and you can see it within 10 min. Of course you can stay there to experience the atmosphere as long as you like. In my opinion, the must is Nanzenji which is quite big with some small places which require some fee (around 500 yen I think). If it is rainy or very hot you can visit museums such as Sen-Oku Hakukokan and Nomura museum.
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