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Jobs in Japan without a degree 2018/9/7 09:01
Hello, this is my first time posting so I am still a little unsure.

I am half Japanese and can talk Japanese pretty fluently as my mother has brought me up talking Japanese.

I currently live in New Zealand & in my second to last year in High school. After I have finished High school I am currently thinking of going to a Japanese University or 専門学校 if I can. The only issue with that is that my Japanese reading & writing level is quite low (around 4年生 level & can read a few harder kanji too)
So I had another idea about going to Japan straight after graduating school to start working & study Japanese to try get into uni or 専門学校 a few years later.
I have dual citizenship (both Japan & NZ passports) & pretty much all of my family are living in Japan so moving there would be no problem.
I currently have my JPLT N4 but this year I will be taking the JPLT N3 test in December & if I pass, next year I will take N2.

I have had a look around for jobs in Japan which don't require a degree, preferably a job where I can use my English.
I thought it would be good to get advice myself from people who have had a similar experience.

Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Jobs in Japan without a degree 2018/9/7 17:40
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Re: Jobs in Japan without a degree 2018/9/8 17:00
If you are high school, you are not at the stage of having to give up one of your citizenships (that is required under Japan law by age 22), so get yourself a Japanese passport (handy to have) and you are allowed to live and work in Japan as a Japanese national. The requirements of a degree don't apply. Lots of unskilled jobs available paying minimum wage :)
As for the language, I know someone that took their kids to Australia for five years, and when they came back to Japan, they had fallen so far behind their peers, they were having several years private tutoring to catch up. My knowledge of the JLPT is that is isn't a good measure for communication (especially talking or writing).
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Re: Jobs in Japan without a degree 2018/9/9 09:43
Are you currently studying NCEA 2/3, Cambridge or IB?
If you qualify to enter a NZ University with the UE equivalent of any of the above external exams taught in NZ, you should certainly be able to apply to a Japanese University, especially those that specialise in taking English speaking students, and tutoring in English. There are quite a few of them throughout Japan, which you should easily find on google. They advertise a lot for English students. As well most offer Japanese language classes concurrently.

Ex Pat children who are educated at International schools in Japan, often go onto University in Japan, and they have not come through the Japanese Education System. As Japan Custom Tours poster says, get a Japanese passport then you are not up against the necessity to have a degree to apply for jobs. You are a Japanese citizen, and can be considered for any job. There are quite a few openings for bi-lingual staff, including tourism, hospitality, airline work in the air and ground staff, retail with universally branded products are 4 that come to my mind. Look on the LinkedIN jobs in Japan site, to give yourself an idea of what is available.
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