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Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/7 16:48

im working on my itinirary . my trip will probably be around may and i would love to visit aomori prefecture.
the main thing i would like to go is to the oirase stream.
im planing to start from tokyo but i dont want to waste around 5 hours of travel time just to the stream and back to tokyo.. i've looked on over night stay around the stream .. but still i feel traveling for 1 night and back to tokyo will waste precious time in japan..
is there any good place with good transportation between tokyo and the oirase stream to go on the way ? (with night stay of course)

thanks in advanced!
by BenB3n  

Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/7 20:47
When you are next to Oirase, why dont spend some quality time in that area? there are a lot of onsen and great museum (Towada Art Center) near, so it will be defiantly worth your time staying over there.

if you just want to see the Oirase stream on one day and go back at the same day to Toyko, it is not worth it (i doubt you can even make it, cause buses dont go that often there)
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Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/7 21:15
Take the first shinkansen, Hayabusa 1, from Tokyo at 0632 and arrive Hachinohe at 0921. Take the Oirase 25 bus from Hachinohe at 0935 to Ishigedo, arriving around 1114. Walk the stream up and your return will be the Mizuumi 11 bus from Towadako at 1600, arriving Aomori Station at 18:59. Stay at the Toyoko Inn there and the next day go to Hirosaki for the castle. Spend time in that area and head back to Tokyo, spending the night in Sendai and visiting Matsushimakaigan the following morning and finishing in Tokyo in the evening....3 days, 2 nights.
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Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/9 02:36
ty for the advice!

so im thinking to do this:
tokyo - oirase stream (first train from tokyo)
stay the night around the stream
from the oirase stream to sendai stay the night.
in the morning day trip to matsushima and to geibikei gorge
and from there train to tokyo.

will it be too fast ?
also i dont want to travel with my full backpack is there any advice where i can leave it and just go with a small one instad?

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Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/9 05:10
I would send the large backpack to your Tokyo hotel via Yamato or Sagawa so you don't have to lug it from station locker to station locker. Take a change of clothes in a smaller pack with your essentials and travel light.

Hirosaki Castle would be nice to visit. Geibikei Gorge is better accessed from Ichinoseki, still on the Tohoku Shinkansen line. You'd have to take the Kesennuma line about 5 stations to get to Geibikei Station. I've taken the Kesennuma line before, but it only runs every hour or so. Trying to get there from Towadako and still trying to make it Matsushima would be a stretch in one day.
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Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/9 10:51
What time of year are you visiting? This will significantly change what you see and can see.....
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Re: Tokyo to Oirase stream? 2018/9/9 11:31
Hi Ben, I have sent you a private message, please check your Japan-guide mail box.
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