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Sunday Bus (Shinjuku to Fujikawaguchiko) 2018/9/8 06:29
I got suggestion to commute from Shinjuku to Fujikawaguchiko on Sunday as follows :
1) Take bus from Basuta Shinjuku to Fuji-Q Highland (1 hour 40 min & buses run hourly)
2) Change bus from Fuji-Q Highland to ΎR (10 min & buses run every 15 minutes)
3) Walk for 2 minuets to 70 Aragawa, Fujikawaguchiko.

Would these bus routes work regularly as shown above on SUNDAY ?

Would this choice be the best in cost & time efficiency ? If not, p,ease advise any other means of transportation on SUNDAY between Shinjuku & Fujikawaguchiko.
by First timer DIY Japan  

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