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Part timers paid holidays 2018/9/8 09:12
Ifve worked at my company for 8 months and I was recently told by my manager that they were moving me from a part time contract to a semi-full time contract next month and that would include some benefits such as paid holidays after Ifd worked on this contract for 6 months.

I thought I was already entitled to paid holidays even on a part time contract after 6 months dependent on how many days I work. (5 days a week been 10 days paid leave per year)

Surprised, I looked at my contract to check and it says epart time employees are not entitled to paid holidaysf.

They want me to work 5 days a week for 15.5 months without any paid holidays.

Is this legal ? Ifd like to ask my manager about this, but would like some confirmation on my assumptions before bringing it up.

If it makes any difference Ifm on one of those 29.5 hour contacts.

by Zed (guest)  

Re: Part timers paid holidays 2018/9/8 12:02
Perfectly legal, as you agreed to the contract.

If you want some time off. Ask for it between contacts.
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Re: Part timers paid holidays 2018/9/8 14:54
Thanks for your answer.

Admittedly I donft know a lot about Japanfs workers rights, but just becuase somethingfs written in a contract doesnft make it legal, surly?

I mean if I signed a contract which said Ifd be paid 500yen an hour it doesnft make paying below minimum wage legal.

Thatfs the whole point of workers rights. If they can be changed at the employers discretion you could make slavery legal so long as the worker signed the contact.

Does anybody else have any advice or knowledge or is there truly nothing that can be done?

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Re: Part timers paid holidays 2018/9/11 03:23
Hi Zed

I agree with you, no matter what you signed, they still have to follow labour law.

I did a search and according to the website below, yes you are entitled to paid leave. From your situation, it should be at least 7days. Hope it helps!

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