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Why Japan? 2018/9/8 16:12
A simple question for travelers who have been to Japan or who will.

Why did you decide to take a trip to Japan?

I'm wondering which Asian country to visit as my next destination

and really interested in the island country Japan.

Please let me know your deciding factor :)
by Bobby (guest)  

Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/8 18:04
If you cannot find your own reasons for visiting Japan. Then you probably shouldn't visit as there isn't enough that interests you.

But to answer you question:-
Cars + motorports
Pop culture
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Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/8 18:33
Every place you visit in Japan, you will find science and Technology.
Some times Buffet restaurant attract me with vast amount of Food.
But I find the most important things that attract me is Japanese people
themselves. Because they are honest,pious,hard working people.
Even recent incident, Typhoon Earthquake,Flood,They have no words, argument, against our creator.But they will made their country great by their hard working.
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Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/9 01:27
I agree with Hakata14 above regarding finding your own reason. Otherwise, your trip may not be as meaningful, or a disappointment.

My reasons for keep going back to Japan at first were the typical stuffs like food, castles, temples, etc. But after few trips I delved deeper beneath superficial things and started appreciating people and its culture which produce the superficial things you see.

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Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/9 21:17
The reason why I always choose Japan is because Japan has everything.

It has a diverse lanscape and climate (you'll find extraordinary mountains such as Mt. Fuji or volcanic Mt. Aso, sandy beaches in Okinawa or in some areas of Shikoku, beautiful forests along the country or long sand dunes in Tottori/ you'll also have the 4 seasons, from spring when cherry blossoms bloom, summer with everything green, autumn for the fall foliage to winter with the enchanting landscape covered with snow).

Japan also has a rich culture, you have festivals, lots of museums, amusement parks, skiing, scuba diving, archaeological sites, castles, gardens, techonology, science, tradition, temples and a great food culture. You'll have lots to do and see. The options are countless. It's also a country that people are very polite, clean, organized. It's truly fascinating. That's why I love Japan and I will always will.

About the natural disasters, yes it's true that Japan has large history of earthquakes and typhoons, floods and sandslides. But there is no where in the world where you can be 100% safe, and natural disasters happens everywhere in the world, some places more than others, but don't let that stop you from traveling and enjoying life. Life is short and death is certain for everybody. So, enjoy your time in Japan!!!
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Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/11 07:51
I like to visit Japan, but this November, I have decided to visit Japanese instead Thailand in which I intended to, airline ticket was much more expensive, the airline ticket to Japan including insurance was cheaper than the Thailand airline ticket alone.
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Re: Why Japan? 2018/9/11 08:34
so many good places in Asia to visit.
As mentioned earlier if you cannot find your own reason than maybe it would not be worth visiting.

Some people like culture, food, history, music etc. and based on there interest plan to visit.

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