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establish mangaka professional communication? 2018/9/8 19:16
I am a published author and am currently rewriting my medieval-fantasy novel series I published when i was a teen. Though i'm considering taking the manga track and am seeking to establish communication with a mangaka. I have a drawing style in mind from my manga reading and am wondering if I:
a) approach mangaka directly
b) find out what publisher employs them and request them upon successful manuscript acceptance
c) approach publisher with manuscript and any drawings for characters and landmarks I personally have made with a 'something like this style' attached with the application letter.
many thanks.
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Re: establish mangaka professional communication? 2018/9/10 09:59
I do not know which country you live in,
you should go and meet a representative of publisher at big anime or comic book conventions.

There are few mangaka who can understand English(?) you wrote accurately.

The quality of manga will down, but China will be able to earn circulation more than Japan.
However, if content caught on censorship, dreams will not come true.
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Re: establish mangaka professional communication? 2018/9/10 18:37
Unless you want said publisher to publish your book there is no reason to approach them. Itfs true that publishers represent writers/artists in some capacities but they donft exist to lend out their talent, who depending on current contract stipulations will decide what projects they want to work on regardless of which company publishes them. Yes, some mangaka are employees, but many work for themselves. You may try your luck contacting a publisher and asking them to put you in touch with a particular person you have in mind, but your request may very well be ignored.

Ifm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you have few if any contacts in the Japanese publishing industry, this puts you at a significant disadvantage, especially if you want a Japanese company to actually publish your book. I feel this is your ultimate goal, you need to build a case for there being an actual audience for your book in manga format, in this country. Thatfs going to be extremely tricky if you have done zero networking here, and have no manga, not even amateur fan works, to your name currently.

I recommend publishing your book in a format you are more familiar with, and then if it is successful then maybe with some networking, you will stand a better chance of adapting it into manga format,
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Re: establish mangaka professional communication? 2018/9/11 00:18
Foreign writers who have successfully collaborated with Japanese writers in the manga field have done it very professionally: They bring along a skilled interpreter who can fully promote their already great work. In other words, they use a diplomatic businessman as a go-between.

If you are already working as a successful professional, try discussing this with your current publisher and see if you can team up with a skilled interpreter who can fully promote your work. Remember that very very very few people in the forefront of the Japanese manga industry can speak foreign languages including English.

Of course, in the era of the internet where anything could happen, you can try doing the same even if you're not successful yet, but still, you need a good interpreter.

Wish you best of luck.
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