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Regarding COE application 2018/9/10 23:41

Good day to you.
I currently have a company trying to apply COE for me. However, since they are offering it as a part-time position at first with 6months contract, I donft think it will be approved from what Ifve read online.

I'm debating whether to tell the company as it might seem that I'm pressuring them to hire me as permanent staff.

I wonder if the immigration officer will tell them straight up when they apply? Or do I have to wait the standard 3months?

Hope someone with experience can share. Thank you very much!

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Re: Regarding COE application 2018/9/11 08:36
You are free to ask the company and you will get your answer.

Regarding applying it takes three months or longer, it takes as much time as it takes and you can not speed up the process
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Re: Regarding COE application 2018/9/11 11:01
They submit the paperwork and they hear back. If it is denied, you probably will not be given a reason. You could ask them to resubmit on the basis of a permanent role and see if there is a different result, but with processing times, it is a slow process.
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