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Tottori bus pass 2018/9/11 15:09
I am planning to go to Tottori around March next year from Osaka by bus.
There will be 4 of us.
I want to ask about this bus pass: Tottori-han noriai bus norihodai tegata.
I understand that this bus pass allow me to use most buses in Tottori prefecture for three days at 1800 yen.
1. I want to know whether this bus pass allow me to use the bus for these route:
a) Tottori station to Kurayoshi station
b) Kurayoshi to Yonago station
c) Yonago station to Tottori

If yes, where can I check the bus schedule?

2. If no, do I need to buy the San'in-Okayama Area Pass for the trip? Since this pass is 4500 yen, should we just rent a car and self drive instead? Is there a more economic way?

My trip would be 2 full day, by arriving in Tottori one day before around late evening. I am interested to visit the sand dunes, misasa hot spring, kurayoshi white wall warehouse and mount daisen. If time permits, would like to include Uradome too.

Please advise. Thank you.

by daikindes (guest)  

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