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Name and artist of a japanese song? 2018/9/11 19:17
Please help me to identify the song playing on the car radio
in this videoclip on YouTube:
YouTube channel: taroukaja4163

Thank you in advance!
by Staffan K. (guest)  

Re: Name and artist of a japanese song? 2018/9/12 17:30
This is a song of "SING LIKE TALKING" that appeared on local live radio program,
only the vocal and leader "Mr. Chikuzen Sato(佐藤竹善)" joined as a guest. (3/11 Date fm "AIR JAM FRIDAY" is so.)
The earthquake occurred while the song was being broadcast after their promotion was over.
But on-air song list of that day and around has not left until next mid APR.
He later said that the experience of that time was really surprised like "Godzilla(ゴジラ) was attacked".
This episode is one of very famous and most their fans know well.

However, I could find the answer that you want from their schedule of several days and.
That song name is "Dearset", it was released as "single" on 9 MAR 2011,
also included in this 5 disks set album of 25th anniversary.
There is not this song in this video, but you will notice the goodness of own music sense.

Personally, I can not understand and surprised
why this driver did not speak anything despite such a big earthquake.
Even though some people are hurried out from the shop opposite the bus street.
This is more realistic reactions as normal human, even if citizen of a region with many earthquakes.
This is also unnecessary info, Ramen restaurant "棒棒(ban ban)" is here.
If the time that the earthquake occurred was an hour earlier,
the ramen restaurant might have disappeared due to a fire.
This place where this video was recorded is the same Sendai city shaked level 6 plus or 7,
but seems shaking was reduced far from the sea and by over the mountains.
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