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Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/14 14:19

I need some advice. I have been working in Japan for 10 years now, always for the same company, but came to the conclusion that I can probably do the same kind of work alone or in a small team and considering now to start my own company. Visa is no problem as I have a permanent residence visa, because I have been married for some years to a Japanese woman.

Now, my wife is not against the idea to start my own business, as we have enough money saved up to at least try it. But she is against it at this moment and tells me I should wait 4 or 5 years more and then I can still start my business. However, I am getting tired of my work, since I can easily see how much profitable it would be to do this work by myself and not for a company, where my salary will remain the same regardless how many projects I do. Also, I could easily make the same money (even when considering corporate taxes etc) in much less time and the best would be that I wouldn't need to travel 1,5 hours anymore to my office (Moving is not an option, since my wife works in the complete opposite direction and also have such a long way to work).

The reason my wife is against this big step in the moment is the health insurance. We have a 2 year old daughter and our son has just been born, so she believes it is safer to stay inside a company, since our children are also covered by my insurance).
Now, I don't know much about the Health insurance system here in Japan, but how much would does a private health insurance cost and does it have any disadvantages against the one I have as a company employee?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/14 18:34
Private insurance really depends on a lot of factors such as age, pre-existing conditions and so on. You would have to consult an insurance company to find out your rate.

But it's not your only option - you can simply sign up for Japanese health insurance as a private individual.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/14 19:07
if your wife has no income, you have to join national health income and your wife and children should join as dependents. (you have one payment slip for your family.)
and, you and your wife have to join national pension, independently. (you and your wife will receive payment slips independently.)
total amounts you have to pay are higher (probably double amounts or more) than the present payment.

health insurance: almost same coverage.
pension; you will have less amount of pension benefit in future.

private insurances only cover extra portions which are not covered by national (and company's) health insurance.
if you don't join private insurance right now, you don't need to join them. (private insurances will give you some money when you become serious diseases. if you are healthy, you waste your money.)
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/14 19:24
If you work as an independent business operator (working on your own, whether incorporated or not) in Japan, you'd need to sign up as an individual with the national health insurance scheme. If you are the only one with income, you'd pay the insurance for the whole household, which "can" be expensive.

If you expand your business and hire over a certain number of people, your company needs to set up (or join) a social security scheme for its employees and start paying the corporate contribution portion of the insurance to its employees under its scheme.

"Private health insurance" is indeed on top of the basic - namely, either the company's health insurance scheme or national health insurance scheme.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/14 23:26
I used to have private insurance provided by a European insurance company, and it covered basic medical costs, it wasn't "on top of" anything. It's very useful if you want to see a doctor someplace like Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic that has foreign doctors and doesn't accept Japanese national insurance.

That's what I meant by "private insurance," although now I'm not sure what the OP meant.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/15 00:10
even if you join private insurance, which is mentioned by Umami Dearest, still you have to join national health insurance, because that is the law.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/15 10:30
The standard Japanese health insurance schemes in my experience are very good. How much it costs depends on income, and probably wouldn't/shouldn't change much between your current company or your new one. If you think it will, maybe you are not counting your salary and benefits correctly.

Check http://www.htm.co.jp/calculators-monthly-payroll-japan.htm
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/15 13:37
Let me tell my experience.
1) I had left the regular job in 2014. My yearly income was 550man.
I had to pay 47000 x 8 months which was more than my house rent(Laugh).
2) I again started working from May 2016 and left the company in Mar 2018.
I have to pay 35000 x 8 months
3) If your income in around 200 man per year, it will be 2 man.
Less income Less payment
More income more payment.
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Re: Cost of private health insursance 2018/9/15 16:57
I would be more concerned about the greatly beneficial fuyou-kazoku-te-ate you will probably be losing than the health insurance. Your company might also be providing welfare that you are missing, such as discounts for resorts and theme parks. But to answer your question, the comparison of insurance depends on the company you work for and the municipal you live in. You may want to discuss this with someone who has already done it in your industry and location.
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