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Nagajuban vs Yukata 2018/9/16 03:52
I understand that a Kimono is practically the same thing as a Yukata, with the exception of the fabric and how it is wear. But what differenciate a Nagajuban from a Yukata, to me they both looks the same except that the Yukata usually have colors & patterns (which was not the case in the old days as I understand).

Is there an actual difference in the construction or can you actually buy a Nagajuban and use it as a Yukata? I am trying to buy a white yukata and to me, it feels like it might just be easier to go for the Nagajuban since it does look the same.

Sorry if the question seems stupid.
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Re: Nagajuban vs Yukata 2018/9/16 12:21
"Nagajuban," both in material used and in build, is obviously underwear, so please do not wear it as outerwear. (It would be like wearing a long slip underwear as a one-piece dress.)

Even "yukata," sometimes worn as lounging wear at home but also worn during summer to go out to evening festivals or fireworks watching, does require some care in putting on the proper underwear - not the long "nagajuban," but at least a half length "juban" or camisole and a petticoat so that it would not be completely see-through.
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Re: Nagajuban vs Yukata 2018/9/16 12:28
Nagajuban is underwear, and yukata is casual wear. It's simple as that.

You cannot walk around in public wearing just your nagajuban, while you don't wear a full kimono over your yukata (although you can wear a jacket-type thing called haori when you're too cold in yukata).

It's not a stupid question, because a lot of non-Japanese people have got it mixed up in the past. By the way, nagajuban is usually prettier and colorful than yukata. We'd see foreign shows were male hosts take a good look at the beautiful nagajuban that a female model is wearing on stage, and Japanese people would go "Whoops!"
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Re: Nagajuban vs Yukata 2018/9/16 12:58
According to Japanese Wikipedia, nagajuban is equivalent to a shirt/blouse worn UNDER a jacket, which is not the same as an underwear.@

Hadajuban (@) or juban is equivalent to underwear.

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Re: Nagajuban vs Yukata 2018/9/17 09:52
Wikipedia, the Japanese version in particular, can quite often be incorrect. It is totally misleading to say that nagajuban is equivalent to a shirt/blouse, even ones worn UNDER a jacket, because you basically don't show nagajuban. Meanwhile, you show a big chest part of a shirt/blouse and it's even alright to take off your jacket in public.

I would say that it's more equivalent to a petticoat, which some of the lace can be deliberately shown but it's not right to obviously show a big part of it unless you are in a bedroom.

I've deleted the part in the Wikipedia page. Thank you for pointing it out.
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