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Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/18 17:12
Hi all,
I'm getting desperate here, I'm 34 years old, I've left my country in South America to come to Japan in June trying to find a stable job since the economy in my country is so bad my salary got reduced by 20% in just one and a half month, it is not a nice place to build a family. My native language is spanish, I have studied and worked using english every day and I came here to Japan to prepare for JLPT N2 test (I already passed N3). I've been looking for a job as an IT Engineer with SQL Server experience but I could not find any, all of the interviews I went I got rejected because of different reasons, usually they ask programming skills besides SQL Server administration.
Since my japanese is not at business level my options are limited, however, I don't want to return to my country because I won't be able to mantain my family there.
I'm not looking for charity, I want to work and be able to support myself, I have been working in international companies for more than 10 years as a SQL Server DBA and I'm completely willing to learn any programming language.
I've made the decision to come here as a japanese language student to be able to go to job interviews, while doing so I left everything in my country including my unstable job, family, friends. I know it might have been a bad decision, but thinking about my future and my family's future I did not want to stay in a place where you don't know if you will be able to make it to the end of month, I really need a stable place, I don't want to have a salary that keeps going down because of an unstable economy. I just want to have a simple life, not having to worry every day about food and money.
I've been living with my savings so with every day that passes I'm running out of time. If someone knows about a company in Japan looking to hire a person with SQL Server knowledge and japanese at conversational level (not business level) could you please let me know? I would be forever grateful.
Also I'm willing to work in any job, it doesn't have to be IT related, I just wanted to look for IT because that's the field I have experience on but I'm willing to clean a bathroom or do any kind of honest job here if I can bring food to my family so if you have any other suggestions to get a job which provides working visa anything is welcomed.
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/19 09:30
If your family is important than I do not know why you just packed your thing and come to Japan.
Anyway that is a decision you have made.

My experience is that working in IT branch is difficult. I have tried many times but also if I found something the payment was not high compared with the hours. (My background is security, programming java, c++ Python Ruby HTML etc.) Also most companies are located in Tokyo.

Even if you look for something you want it is also better to start with something you dont want. There is work in factories, teaching etc. You can start from there and see what happens.

Also Japan is not always the best place to work. Are you related to Japan such as second or third generation?
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/19 10:55
I went Hello work. And they give me part time job.Because students are not permitted to work Full time.In this moments, you can't get job on your own.so you must take help from your Japanese Friends or classmates.Don't worry.I am sure hello work will give you job.
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/20 14:09
I decided to come to Japan because I think my family deserved something better, in my country the crime rate (even involving killings) is very high, you never know if you make it back alive, there are strikes every month (more than once a month sometimes), mostly affecting public transportation and power outages on Summer, there was a time when we lost lots of money due to an economical crisis (I'm talking about the savings of our entire lives). I could list you more than 10 things why my country is not a nice place to live and why it's difficult to raise a family there, it was not just the economy problem. Is that enough to decide packing my things and go to another country? I don't know, I was fed up with all those problems and I thought my family deserved better that's why I want to work hard for them.
I know Japan is not the best place to work but I know people here and they introduced me to some jobs, I'm not alone here so it made it easier for me.
Thank you for the suggestions, I will do whatever job I can find, the problem is the visa, without it I will have to leave in a few months. I will check with Hello Work to see if they can introduce me some kind of job
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/20 16:15
Sorry to hear about the safety of your country.
But believe me even some good countries in Europa are not so good as people may think :)

If you do not have a the correct Visa than Hello Work cannot do much for you.

There are some websites such has gaijinspot.com which sometimes as job offer with visa support.
This jobs are often not that good jobs but it is a start.

You can try to get an English teaching job.

If you are tokyo getting a job is much higher than if you are located somewhere else.
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/20 18:17
This is my experience of my school days, but English teachers were usually fired in 2 or 3 years. And most of them lost their job because there are too many foreigners teaching English. I don't recommend an English teacher in Japan.
Maybe you can look for a university or a graduate school that hires you as a researcher using your skills of IT.
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/9/29 00:31
I'm almost in the same boat, I'm from Central America, crime and killings have been increasing yearly (I have been mugged at gunpoint two times, and I have seen people shot to death in my neighbourhood), we where an almost drug free country, now we are bridge between North and South America and it is a disaster, the economy is also about to implode, and there is a neighbour country in a quasi-civil-war for months now.

So, I took Japanese lessons right after college, I have a some friends in Japan with whom I able to speak in a children's level but, I can't improve any further as I got to the top level offered in my country and that was it.

I'm a software engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Have worked for USA companies all my professional life since 2004.

I'm 37, and single (have decided for a long time not to start a family in my country, due to circumstances explained).

I'm about to go for the third time to Japan, this time a longer stay to see what are my options over there. But I'm worried about news and anecdotes like this. My age and Japanese language abilities are big obstacles it seems.
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Re: Need suggestions for a job 2018/10/1 08:56
Age is an issue in Japan indeed.
Another challenge is you do not have the correct visa so you need to find a company who is willing to sponsor you.

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