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How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/19 20:58
Hello everyone. I applied for a scholarship to Japan but didn't win. Since I never been to Japan myself and it's been a lifetime dream, I'm going on a vacation to Japan in November. However, I thought since I'll be there, to give my Curriculum Vitae. I know it's hard for foreigners to find job in Japan, but I truly want to try my chances. I have a Bachelor's and unfinished Master's, and my research area is History, Monuments, Cultural Heritage and Museums. But I don't know where to give my CV. Also, I wonder if the Visa is a problem, but if I find a job I can get a work visa, but the trip I will make in November is tourist visa.
Sorry to bother with these everyone, but I need some guidance. I just want an oportunity. Also, my japanese is not great but I can read hiragana e katakana, and speak some (a bit poor but I understand better than speaking) japanese.
Thank you all!!!
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Re: How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/20 13:55
I don't know your nationality and age but you'll probably need a COE, a certificate of eligibility which you can only get if you find a company that sponsors you. If you are young and from designated European countries or Canada I believe you can apply for a working holiday visa. Google search working holiday visa in Japan.
Work on improving your Japanese language skills before you move to Japan, it helps a lot!
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Re: How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/20 16:23

Bringing a CV to Japan on a tourist visa will ask questions at immigration.
Better to bring USB with the data on it and print out in Japan.

I don't know which working field you are looking for but it is better to start with website which are specialized in job hunting. Just going to a company uninvited is not so good idea in Japan.

There are special job hunting events in Japan which you can join and try to network with companies.

as mentioned it is better to focus on your language skill or study a direction which can be used in Japan. I do not think with education in history will get you a job easily.

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Re: How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/21 02:01
Thank you everyone for your messages. I see that going to Japan to work isn't that easy, the process of finding a job is so different in Europe, since I'm from an european country and I can go freely to another fellow european country to find a job. But Japan is very unique when it comes to find a job, especially if I'm foreign. Actually my Bachelor's is Cultural Heritage and Archaeology and my unfinished Master's is just Archaeology. I know that in Japan they are looking more for natural sciences and not social sciences, but I just wanted to give it a try. My country has the working-holiday visa agreement with Japan, it is a good oportunity but I need to save lots of money to provide living expenses until a find a job (and that could mean months), that's why I thought about giving my CV on my short trip, because going there with a job already would be much easier to live the first month until paycheck. I guess I dreamed to much about it unfortunately, and reality is harsh. Thank you everyone for your insights.
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Re: How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/21 08:49
Dreaming is always good but you need to find the right way to build connections and show your capability.

True it is different (I am also from Europe) but that is not only for Japan, I guess even between my country and another country in Europe the process is different.

You just need to approach it different but it doesn't mean it is impossible.

You could try to find a school in Japan. Than with a student visa you can work 28hrs a week.
You can also search during your study.

any way good luck
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Re: How to give my CV in Japan 2018/9/21 12:29
if I find a job I can get a work visa

Not really. Depending on what sort of job it is, there may be additional requirements for a visa, or it may even be impossible to get one.
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