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Can I become a geisha? 2018/9/20 05:13
Ifm a white girl who donft live in Japan and interested in becoming a geisha. Ifm almost 16 years old, and I went to two Japanese course and studied Basic Japanese , Can I become a geisha? Most geishas who train starts at 15 and Ifm almost 16 and still in high school Ifve been in Japan once in April before a few months and Ifm love Japanese culture since Ifm a child. I know I have to know Japanese really good but Ifm sure I can learn fast and well, Ifm good at learning languages.
If I can, how do i come in touch with a okiya?
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Re: Can I become a geisha? 2018/9/20 12:54
yes it is possible.
But getting in to a school is difficult.
You need to have connections of people who can introduce you.

There is woman from America name Liza Dalby who was the first foreign geisha.
Try to find contacts (groups) or do language school and try to build a network.

Maybe you will are lucky

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Re: Can I become a geisha? 2018/9/21 06:41
Here is an article about an American girl who became a geisha after university (though she ended up quitting due to bullying from a less reputable foreign geisha)

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Re: Can I become a geisha? 2018/9/21 06:47
It has been done.
I would add a "however" - while people might like to see or be entertained by Japanese geisha, the market for a non-Japanese geisha is much more limited.
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Re: Can I become a geisha? 2018/9/21 08:07
Maybe, but don't follow up on the Lisa Dalby connection. She never finished her apprenticeship and was ejected from the district she studied with for bringing shame upon the community. She is also been charged with fraud in a number of countries including New Zealand.
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