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Concert in Japan 2018/9/20 15:58

this november is my first time come to japan. i come to Japan this november for concert. and this will be my first time come to concert overseas.
when ticket on sale, i can't get it because i'm too late. so i got ticket from my friend from twitter.
what i want to ask, before concert, will security or ticket officer check the identity card?

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Re: Concert in Japan 2018/9/20 19:51
Security checks your belongings and your ticket when you go into the concert hall. They don't check your ID (if you are younger than 16, they might ask you something).

It's not a very good idea to buy a ticket on Twitter, anyway, but make sure that you really got the ticket. A lot of people are cheated on ticket every concert. And don't buy concert goods from a reseller.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the concert!
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Re: Concert in Japan 2018/9/21 06:04
For resale measures, concerts to confirm ID are increasing year by year, but just not all.

If you can find same or similar note as these yellow words, you will not be able to enter.
This is a recent warning of concert venues that have more than 25,000 audience.
(It is not influenced by the number of audience, depends on "ticket value".)
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