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How can I send fan email to mangaka? 2018/9/20 20:00
Anyone, can you please tell me how to send fan letter (I prefer email/Facebook/Twitter) to mangaka I know who is working in Shueisha company?

I have something urgent to send to manga artist, Kentaro Yabuki, who drew manga Black Cat & To Love-ru. I think I need to send it via company he is working but I couldn't find how to contact. And I don't know how to contact directly to sensei either.

If you can find how to contact, I prefer SNS or email but if there is no other way, I would send a fan letter to my favorite mangaka instead. So please. If you know any channel, please reply.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: How can I send fan email to mangaka? 2018/9/21 17:10
often there is a reason why details cannot be found.
You would not be the only one who likes to send a private email.

Often you need to go through the publisher who may forward the email.

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Re: How can I send fan email to mangaka? 2018/9/21 19:04
No you can't, bc most famous mangaka senseis do not disclose such SNS to fans usual.

The way to send fan letters as int'l mail fr out of Japan to publishers has already been posted on this forum.
Address (Japanese) is here.
◯◯先生 宛て
( 週刊少年ジャンプで連載中の先生宛の場合は「週刊少年ジャンプ編集部」でご発送ください)
Messages can also be sent from this form,
from top, your name, your e-mail and message,
but do not know if there are restrictions such as the number of characters.
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