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Using an AP degree in Japan 2018/9/21 07:22
I have started my job hunting in Japan after recently obtaining my degree in multimedia design and communication.
But I have trouble figuring out how to explain my degree.
Most people who come to Japan have a BA degree, which is universally known, but I am in the special situation that I have something called a AP (Academic Profession) degree, which I think is a unique degree to my home country (Denmark). The difference between this and a BA is that students taking an AP degree follow a more "hands on" programme, where theory is cut down to a minimum in favour of working on solutions for different companies and engage in partnerships and internships. This also means that an AP degree takes only 2 years to complete. What would be the smart thing to do here? I know that no Japanese person will know what an AP degree is, so should I just list it as a BA degree?

Also, will they even recognize it due to the duration?
I DO have an unfinished BA in marketing and communication, which brings me up to 4 years of education, but I am pretty sure it won't count.

Do any of you have experience with searching for jobs with uncommon degrees in Japan?
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Re: Using an AP degree in Japan 2018/9/21 10:10
Your degree is not a BA and you must not list it as such. For immigration purposes it may or may not be considered equivalent thereto.
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Re: Using an AP degree in Japan 2018/9/21 15:43
How you describe it it sounds like the danish equivalent to Japanese senmon gakko. Or vocational school in English.

I am not sure if a foreign senmon gakko degree will allow you to get a work visa as normally at least a BA is needed which is minimum 3 yrs.
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Re: Using an AP degree in Japan 2018/9/21 17:38
It is a bachelor's degree you need as a minimum, which is usually completed in either 4 years (in Japan for example) or 3 years (in some European countries as far as I know).

I was looking up AP, and came across this: if you could look at page 4 of this PDF file, they compare the "university bachelor" (3 years) with AP. Possibly this answers your question?


By the way, "BA" stands for "bachelor of arts." It doesn't have to be BA, it can be BS (bachelor of science), or bachelor of business administration, for example.
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Re: Using an AP degree in Japan 2018/9/21 18:11
Like I said, immigration may or may not accept a two-year degree as equivalent to a university degree; this is basically decided case-by-case.
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