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Change of expired visa 2018/9/23 05:14
Hello everyone,so my long term visa was canceled because I stay alone far from my parents and am underage but I was given a temporary visit of a month to go back to my parents house to reapply again,I wanted to know if that will be possible? And incase my application is still denied can I apply for change of status even after my temporary visa expires?thank you
by Georgina Adom (guest)  

Re: Change of expired visa 2018/9/23 11:00
There is place called Immigration Bureau. They have all the answers, go and ask them. No answer on a board is a truth, if I say up, immigration can say down and they will be the autority.
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Re: Change of expired visa 2018/9/25 09:37
You say your current status is temporary visitor. Your previous status is expired so it doesn't matter - you say underage, so maybe a "dependent".
You apply now, and it may be granted, or not. if not, you leave Japan. Pretty simple.
If it is important, get professional advice/help.
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