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Municipal Tax 2018/9/24 18:43
Hi everyone, I do have question : My wife resigned as an ALT ( Assistant Language Teacher ) last year 2017, then she went back to our country to take care of our daughter. However until she received municipality tax quarterly, and I need to pay it through convenience store. My question, is that a rule here in Japan? Or can we removed that tax? Thanks in advance. Moms
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/25 14:06
Did she deregister her residence in Japan?

As far as I know, if you deregister, in 2017, you only need to pay municipal taxes for 2017 and the local ward office gives you the bills you need to pay when you deregister. However if she deregistered in 2018 she still needs to pay for the entire year. If she only left on a temporary basis, then she continues to pay until the end of the year when she finally decides to officially leave Japan (and deregister in her ward/town office).
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/25 15:13
she had to pay a full amount of 2017's city tax, because it was charged to a person who resided on Jan. 1, 2017.
and also, she had to file her 2017's income to tax office. if did, I think she can have some refund of income tax.
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/26 08:57
You get charged based on where you are officially registered as living. if you notify a change in residency location, you only pay for the days you live there.
- If it is a temporary trip and she is coming back, then she still needs to pay the tax.
- If she moved out/left Japan (more than one year), the obligation is to notify within 14 days, and the tax will be adjusted accordingly.
Sounds like you didn't notify a change of address, so you are liable for the tax.
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/26 10:18
" the tax will be adjusted accordingly."
no adjustment, even after de-registration.
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/27 08:36
@Ken - that seems odd because when I shifted from Tokyo to Saitama (and then back again), both cities made adjustments and refunds/recalculations to my resident tax. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention.
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/27 15:15
I am 100% positive on the fact that if you quit living in Japan you need to pay the municipal taxes until the end of the year you stopped to live officially in Japan. That is true for foreigners as well as Japanese. As far as I am aware no exceptions. I checked with the accounting department of my company and also my Japanese boss who is about to move to the US mentioned it. It seems to be quite common knowledge among Japanese tax payers.

The OP never came back to reveal if his wife did leave Japan officially. Ie did she give up on her residency and inform her local ward/ city office. If she didn’t she’ll continue to pay taxes for the rest of her life.
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Re: Municipal Tax 2018/9/27 20:45
since you believe that you are correct, it means that many foreigners leave Japan without paying city tax.
you can easily find many explanations (that I am correct) about city tax, if you can understand the language.
just google, 住民税 出国.
here is an example.

also, no adjustment if you move between cities.
you can google the correct answer EASILY. 住民税 転居
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