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Changing work visa status 2018/9/25 15:56
I am currently on an Instructor visa, as I was a JET Program ALT, and I want to switch to a Humanities visa. I have been offered a job (I have a from them) by a Japanese company to be their native English language social media marketer. I am a little concerned that my visa change application will not be approved, as my degree is not directly related to Marketing (I do have a four-year BA from an accredited university, obviously since I have been working here on an Instructor visa) nor do I have any significant experience in marketing. The only thing I could argue is that this job requires a native English speaker. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, Ifd love to hear some first-hand experience on how long the visa change took for you since I obviously cannot work (and therefore am not making money) until the status change is approved. Itfs my companyfs first time hiring a foreigner and sponsoring a visa status change. Theyfve hired someone to help them/me (an administrative scrivener, apparently), so theyfre definitely serious about getting the change approved.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Changing work visa status 2018/9/25 19:46
If your "selling point" is that you are a native English speaker, that's International Service, not Specialist in Humanities. Further, since it doesn't sound like it's translation/interpretation or language instruction, you will need 3 years of experience in the sale job (degree is irrelevant).
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Re: Changing work visa status 2018/9/25 19:55
Thanks for the reply! A large part of the job actually is translation from Japanese to English for the company's app/website, but the job title doesn't reflect that at all so I'm a bit concerned.
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Re: Changing work visa status 2018/9/25 20:10
As part of the application they will ask precisely what you will be doing, since that's what matters.

Translation is okay with a university degree is any field, just like teaching.
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Re: Changing work visa status 2018/9/26 09:01
Go talk to an immigration lawyer (pick one that gives the initial consult for free). Several easily searchable on the internet.
For something important like changing status, get an expert (and pay the fee) if it is important to get it right. Plus, they can make the process faster/easier.
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Re: Changing work visa status 2018/9/26 09:49
OP already said that the company hired a professional for this purpose.
OP does not need to contact another professional, because it will make confusions.
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