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Travel with a baby in Japan 2005/5/10 15:19
My husband and I together with our 1 yr 4 mths baby (who can walk on her own but still a pram is carried along) are going to visit Tokyo for 3 days from 23 to 26 May 05. We will be staying at a hotel around Shinjuku. With a baby around, does anyone have any recommendations for us? Where is the best place for shopping for nice clothes and shoes at good prices? Thx a lot. Regards, Susan
by Susan  

shopping 2005/5/16 00:31
In Shinjuku, the best places with a baby are department stores like Takashimaya, Isetan, etc - all close to Shinjuku station. They have clothes, toys etc as well as plenty of baby-changing rooms and child-friendly restaurants and cafes.

For good quality but low-priced clothes for adults and children, try Uniqlo - there is a big branch in Shinjuku near Isetan department store.

Another good place for children's clothes, toys etc at very low prices is Akachan Honpo, a chain of discount shops. One of the easiest branches to get to from Shinjuku is near Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu line (yellow trains). From Shinjuku Station take the train heading east (towards Chiba) and get off at Kinshicho, which is the station after Ryogoku (three stations past Akihabara). From the north exit turn left, and Akachan Honpo is on the fifth floor of the big building ahead of you. There are also other children's clothing stores in the same building, and a huge Y100 shop (almost everything is Y100) on the 7th floor.

Also, branches of Toys R US are good - the most central one is in Ikebukuro, in the basement of the Sunshine City building, and there is another in Odaiba.

Other popular toy shops include Kiddie Land on Omotesando, and Hakuhinkan in Ginza. Ask your hotel for directions.
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Thank you!! 2005/5/17 12:30
Tokyo Mother, thank you for your comprehensive response. I have already printed it out for our reference. Can I ask another question? Will you (or any other site visitor) be able to tell me a place that sells cheap electricals/electronic stuff like laptop, digital camera and video camera?? Thx a lot!!
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Akihabara 2005/5/18 10:46
The best place for anything electrical is Akihabara, the huge electronic/computer district around the station on the Yamanote line. I think you can usually pick up maps of the electronics district at the station, which should show where the biggest stores are.

If you are buying items to take back overseas, your best bet is to go to one of the shops selling duty free items, like the Duty Free branch of Laox, and Yamagiwa, which has a duty free section in its main store.

These sections offer products with English-language manuals, and compatible with overseas voltages, different DVD regions/TV systems etc. Some also have worldwide guarantees (eg Sony Overseas models).

Computers are a bit more complicated - most sold here will have a Japanese operating system and Japanese keyboard. Some places do sell English OS/keyboard models, but you normally have to order them and wait a few weeks for delivery, which is not feasible if you're here on a short trip.

There are also some big electronic/computer stores on the west side of Shinjuku station, but I haven't been there recently so I'm not sure what they have for overseas buyers. If in doubt, go to Akihabara.
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Thank you!! 2005/5/19 13:26
Dear Tokyo Mother, Thank you for your help!
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Akachan Honpo 2005/6/7 15:36
Dear Tokyo mum,

What's the name of the building for Akachan Honpo store at Kinshicho Station? (Juz in case I lost my way).
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Arca Kit 2005/6/8 10:46
I think it's called something like Arca Kit; it used to be the Sogo department store before it was remodelled. But anyway it is hard to miss - there is kind of a station square on the north side of Kinshicho station, with bus stops and so on, and the Arca Kit building is the big one on your left if you are standing with the station behind you.
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baby shopping 2008/8/9 05:16
Am travelling with my 20mths daugther to Osaka on 28th aug. Can you please let me know where i can get cheap and good clothings and baby products. Thank You.
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