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Reading the Tankai Bus Timetable 2018/9/26 16:19
I would greatly appreciate some help in deciphering this timetable.

My questions are:
1. What time during the week will a bus depart Amanohashidate for Ine between the times of 11.30-2.30 pm?
2. If I arrive on a JR train, where does the bus depart from, the route number
3. Again during the week, what time will the bus from Ine to Amanohashidate depart during the period 3.30-6.00 pm. If I travel in this direction I need to be at the JR train station by 5.55pm - 6 pm is a bit tight!

I have tried pattern matching what I think the characters are but its all just too hard!!
Many thanks
by Broulee  

Re: Reading the Tankai Bus Timetable 2018/9/27 20:11
(1) See 1st time table
Dep. Vw(Amanohashidate st. Row:17) 11:41(R.N.9) 12:51(R.N.8) 13:44(R.N.9)
Arr. ɍ(Ine Row:61) 12:39 13:49 14:42

Time table remarks
Asterisk means operated only weekdays.
Double circle means operated without weekdays.
Face mark means free entry and exit section.
Row No. is not include a heading row.

(2) Bus stop is left diagonally opposite form station. (about one or two-minute walk)

(3) See 2nd time table
Dep. ɍ(Ine Row:31) 14:03(R.N.8) 15:18(R.N.9) 16:00(R.N.8)
Arr. Vw(Amanohashidate st. Row:75) 15:04 16:19 16:58

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Re: Reading the Tankai Bus Timetable 2018/9/28 06:32
Thank you so much for your response. I have visited Ine once before and loved it - I also enjoyed the bus trip out.

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