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Need snow tyres in Shikoku in December? 2018/9/26 23:36
I will be driving down route 32 in Shikoku on 20 December, in the direction from Takamatsu to Kochi, with a stop at Oboke/Koboke. But not entering Nishiiya.

Would anyone be able to tell me if I should book a rental car with snow tyres? Or snow tyres will not be needed since we will not pull off route 32 to get into Nishiiya?

My route will be Takamatsu, Kotohira, Oboke, Kochi, Matsuyama, Takamatsu.

Thank you very much.
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Re: Need snow tyres in Shikoku in December? 2018/9/27 12:35
Basically, the answer is "No.",
however, it can not be said that snow never falls, like this.

Please check with the weekly weather forecast, the probability is 1% or less.
Also you can watch a weather forecast program delivered 24 hours at YouTube.
Today, tyhoon topics mainly.

Road live cams, too, click camera icon on the map.
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Re: Need snow tyres in Shikoku in December? 2018/9/27 16:28
Answer is no.

If you rent a car, than winter tires are used.
If you have your own car than you can put winter tires.

I live in Nagoya and drive always summer tires, lazy :)

But if you go to Gifu (Takayama etc) than you are mandatory to have snow tires.
It is written along the road and there are special areas to change along the road.
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