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Is it okay to visit Ogijima in December? 2018/9/26 23:47
I had mentioned that I planned to visit Ogijima in December when I am in Takamatsu. Someone told me Ogijima may be too cold and too windy to visit in December.

I hope someone can give me their opinion as well.

Thank you!

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Re: Is it okay to visit Ogijima in December? 2018/9/28 03:12
Take a look at the climate for Takamatsu and make up your own mind as cold, cool, warm, & hot is all subjective.

The beginning of December is cooling off but not as cold as the end of the month where there's the possibility of snow. Even if it snows, it melts really quickly. If you're going there for seaside activities, it's probably too cold. For hiking, I prefer the winter months in southern Japan over the summer, as you can keep cool easily in winter over sweating it out in a humid summer forest. If you're just going to the island to look at the artwork or hike to the lighthouse, a cool sunny day would be nice in December.
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Re: Is it okay to visit Ogijima in December? 2018/9/28 11:56
Thank you very much for your reply.
After looking at the chart, I decided to visit Ogjima another time, and not in the 3rd week of December.
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