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Interac 2005/5/10 17:36
I would like to hear from anyone who has worked for Interac as an ALT. I am an experienced English teacher and was wondering what the teaching was like as well as the conditions. Thanks.
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depends... 2005/5/11 11:47
I worked part time for Interac for a year. Hourly rate was low-fair, and they paid transportation. I had some great private students through them at a car company, and also a business class at a company. Nothing remarkable to say. It probably depends on the management of the office. Seems like the pay rate is low-average, but I never had trouble getting paid or anything. One friend worked for the f/t and was fine with it, except the deductions from her monthly pay seemed a bit dodgy. I'm not sure if she questioned it or how it worked out. Hope this helps a bit.
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Interac problems 2005/5/18 15:51
please write me renmac21 at hot male re your situation with interac. I am very interested in hearing about peoples experiences with interac co jpn. thanks
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Interac.co;ltd 2007/3/14 16:44
Ive worked with Interac for the whole season of last year.
Well it started out great then into the second month it was horrible, late night phones calls demanding you take a sub assignment for the next day sending you to schools with no information on lesson plans or anything that will help the ALT. when something goes wrong they always blame the ALT never themselves when 99% of the time its thier fault. Interac has poor communication skills with thier employees and demand to much with little pay. I had enough with them and found another company and its going well with better pay. See with Interac they won many bids in many B.O.E across Japan but they are not perpared to handle a caseload like that so they expect the ALT to do more then what thier suppose to do and not give you the pay you deserve. So in my opioion
try it out if you want but make sure its your last option before you do because your probaly worth more then what they would treat you as.
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Interac 2008/3/4 20:36
I have been working for them for 3 years and I will be renewing my 4th contract with Interac. Its not the best company but also from what I've heard they not the worst. If you experience as an Alt its not so bad, but if you're fresh out of the boat, I found their training to be poor and communication. But now I usually dont need to communicate with them, Im stable enough. The pay is about 250,000 if you dont have a degree in education thats fairly reasonable, working hours is usually 8.15 to 4.30. Yes it depends who is in your head office regarding how you may get treated. I did have a hard time with them but once I learnt to speak Japanese more , I didnt need to associate with them. The main thing is that you get a good school and work with them. I hope this helps.
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