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Regarding on spouse visa .... 2018/9/28 13:59
Dear friendsi
I have applied for the spouse visa with all the required documents and now waiting for the result to come . So my question here is that my earlier visa which is temporary visa will get expire soon and it sounds low less chance I get my spouse visa before my earlier expiry. I went through some question answers discussed a love and found out that unlike you guys, from the immigration my passport wasnft stamped nor any information after that ....so do you think I have to leave Japan once or lease any other solution or ideas I can stay here in Japan unless I get the residential status approved ...? Tanaka ...
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Re: Regarding on spouse visa .... 2018/9/29 17:30
"visa" is not a permit of staying Japan. it is a permit of entering Japan.
many people misuse the word.

if you say you want to have a spouse "visa", they may guide you to apply COE for spouse "visa". then, you have to leave Japan before your "current" status is expired.

if you say you want to stay in Japan continuously from now with your spouse, they may guide you to apply "change" of status of residence. you may stay in Japan until they decide the result. (in this case, you don't have a spouse visa.)
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