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Name of this japanese song? 2018/10/1 05:40
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Re: Name of this japanese song? 2018/10/1 14:30
Searching the lyrics "誰か教えてくれたわけじゃないのに僕は初恋のレシピを知ってる、少し苦くて甘い…" resulted in one match. The song title is 恋のレシピ (koi no reshipi), which means "recipe for love". There are at least 3 other songs with the same title on YouTube, but none of them was the subject song.

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Re: Name of this japanese song? 2018/10/4 12:02
The song title "恋のレシピ" is correct answer on the above answer.
The original singer name is "水谷果穂 Mizutani Kaho(= Kaho Mizutani)".
This is sales site, so can not listen full, but you can confirm that it is the same.
Slow-down sample is "original".

But, that sound source you listened to seems an original remix called
"Nightcore (arrange)" that YouTuber or someone made without permission.
"Vocaloids" can make similar sound sources, but I've never heard such voice.

Although it has been in the past few years that "Nightcore"
that made Japanese songs a material started to be uploaded on YouTube,
it would be interesting to change the material significantly as the original sound source is not "EDM".
It seems that there are new ways of calling though it has existed since long ago as Disco sound.

" Dareka oshiete kureta wakeja nainoni, boku wa hatsukoi no reshipi wo shitteru, sukoshi nigakute amai…"
= "Somebody taught me but I know recipe for first love, a little bitter and sweet ..."

In Japanese song lirics sites are using a guard of text copy.
If you are interested in Japanese, please study as you can read.
I do not want to translate all the lyrics.

The song of Q is a coupling of this her debut single title track "青い涙(Aoi Namida/=Blue tears)".
By the way, her main business is not a singer, an actress. (21 yd next month, newcomer)
She is not famous yet, I do not know if it will break bigger in the future,
as a Japanese, she is very "beautiful(美人 bijin = beauty)",
but because still young, often show a "cute(かわいい kawaii)" true face.
As a singer, seems they(talent office)'d like to sell it with an image of an adult than "a girl".

If you are only interested in "Nightcore", you probably do not need her information.
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