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Transport in Osaka and Kyoto 2018/10/1 15:54
Hi, I will be travelling to Osaka and Kyoto in Nov 18 and I need help on the best transport to use whilst I am there ie the local Icoca card, Kansai thru pass or the JR Kansai Pass1.

I will be in Osaka for 3 days and one of the days is to Himeji from Osaka. Other than the transport from Kansai airport to Namba station and from Osaka to Himeji, all the places of interest in my itinerary are within Osaka and Kyoto. I will be in Kyoto for 4 days.

2. I have the Suica card. May I know if the suica card can be used in Osaka, Himeji, Kyoto and Arashimaya ? If not, can the Icoca card be used in these places?

3. Can the Suica and Icoca card be used on non JR trains, subways and buses ie non- long distance travel?

Thank You very much for your assistance.
Best rgds, Ju
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Re: Transport in Osaka and Kyoto 2018/10/2 15:01
Both question 2 and 3 are YES. Suica can be used the same as ICOCA. Regarding long distance it depends a bit in the type of train. I think you canft use Suica (or an other ic card) on a Shinkansen. But actually I am not 100% sure. They might have changed that recently. You do need however to buy a supplement for some of the express trains. Just ask at the station. The base fare however you can pay by Suica (except maybe for Shinkansen).

Enjoy your trip to Kansai!
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Re: Transport in Osaka and Kyoto 2018/10/2 15:55
Himeji, Kyoto, Osaka is all short distance stuff. The Kansai pass might make a saving as it includes the trip to Kansai airport.
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Re: Transport in Osaka and Kyoto 2018/10/3 13:43
Hello to LikeBike and JapanCustomTours,

Thank You very much for your advice.
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