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Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/3 01:42
I've been searching for especific foods for when I arrive in Osaka in November but there is some I can't find info about. I grew up with Japanese movies (mostly high school-oriented ones), and I always saw some of the cast eat Melon pan, and I really want to try one! Is there a shop in Osaka that sells good Melon pan? I also want to try Taiyaki, Dorayaki and Mitarashi Dango. Thank you so much!
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/3 11:30
While I'm sure there are certain bakeries that local foodies have a soft spot for, you're in luck in that melon pan/melon bread is one of the most common snack foods in Japan. You can find it for sale in any convenience store, supermarket, or bakery, and can expect even the cheapest, most generic brands to be tasty.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/3 15:52
Melonpan(メロンパン) :
You can buy it at convenience stores, supermarkets and bakeries very easy.
Bakery's ones are a bit expensive, but the bread's dough are different and more tasty.
High school students eat cheapest one sold at convenience stores and supermarkets,
but they also tasty, although it may destroy yr dream, it is not melon taste bread.
These are not latest ones, but you can see the price, 100Y one is 108Y(sales tax 8%).
Melon taste melon pans are also sold, but it will be difficult to find in Osaka, this type one is rare.
Not only in Osaka, but also in big cities,
there are specialty shops that sell only melon pans like this video, this bakery is in Osaka though.

Other foods also same to find,
"Taiyaki(たい焼き)" and "Dora yaki(どら焼き)" have also high-class ones,
but it is not difficult to find cheap ones as street food.
High-class ones are different, high-end "bean paste(餡:あん)" using.
Except Mitarashi dango, there are many variants with "different foodstuffs",
those are called "変り種(kawari-dane)", 種(tane) means "seed" mainly but also means "core".
I do not know if you've heard this word, "neta(ネタ)" of sushi(寿司/すし) is a word
which became to be used because this "tane" was read in reverse.
"Neta" as a food ingredient is basically not used except for sushi.
In cake making use correct reading "tane".
This "neta" is not just used for sushi,
it is one of the Japanese that you use everyday like "theme", "idea","topic" and more.

Because there is no variation in taste of Mitarashi dango,
it would be better to buy and eat at Osaka's traditional shopping street(商店街).
If you go to the ancient capital of Kyoto or Nara,
the tea house(茶屋, classical style cafe) near the shrine
and similar style cafe featuring Japanese-style sweets(甘味処) would have a feeling.
In 甘味処, "anmitsu(あんみつ)" and "Zenzai(ぜんざい)" are popular among women, also ice cream(アイスクリーム) and parfait(パフェ), in Kyoto and around "Matcha(抹茶)" using menu is usual.

Anyway, there are many other famous foods in Osaka.
Takoyaki(たこ焼き) and Okonomiyaki(お好み焼き) are also representatives of them.
Although this post does not mention specific foods,
the diversity of Osaka's food culture is concentrated in Japanese word "kuidaore".
It is full of temptation that want to cancel music CDs plan to buy in Osaka.
CD can be bought at amazon or iTunes as music files,
but real Japanese food can only be experienced in Japan.
Their lang are neither Japanese nor English,
but they introduce a lot of things about Osaka and nearby Kyoto and more.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/3 18:41
WOW amazing post!!!!! Thank you so much for the exceptional information!!! Now, I can't wait to go to Japan and eat all of the food (of course not all, I'm not going on a budget but I'm also not going to eat expensive stuff, I just want to have fun and eat!!! = I'm doing gym and a diet now so that I can be slimmer when I come to Japan to gain some weight, though I'll be walking a lot there).
Thank you so much!!!
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/5 21:31
In Dotonbori, somewhere on the street, there is a mobile van selling melon pan with ice cream, it's very popular and I'm sure if you look around the main Dotonbori area you should find it.


Check time 5:15
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/6 08:19
Isn't that the Melon pan Ice (the name I mean)? It looks delicious, but I'm going in November, and eating icecream on fall/winter will get me a cold. But since going to Japan will be a unique experience to me, I might reconsider. Thank you for your suggestion.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/6 17:41
On Dotonbori we saw this van selling freshly baked Melon pan stuffed with ice cream. I never heard of melon pan before but that was delicious. Would definitely try to find that van. Shouldn't be hard to find as it had a melon pan sound blaring through the speakers.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/6 17:50
I notice that the melon pan van was recommended before. It also sells them without ice cream if you are worried about the cold. It is the freshest melon pan you can get so I would still go for it.

Otherwise check the supermarket below the Monterey Grasmere hotel near Namba station, close to Dotonbori. It has a fresh bakery below with multiple types of melon pan and other types of buns for sale. This was our favourite stop for breakfast during our stay. Never expected to have bread daily in Japan, but it is great.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/6 19:26
Thank you all! I really want to try Melon pan, so I will try to find the van and the supermarket. I'm sooo excited to go!!! I don't believe it yet.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/6 22:36
Hopefully the weather doesn't affect our flight, I'm too visiting Osaka in 13th to 24th November, recently many flight are being deferred or cancelled.
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/7 07:54
But isn't Kansai International Airport fully open now? I think only private cars and rented cars cannot use the road today, but tomorow it shall be open for them. I heard the everything is normal again. Where did you heard that flights were canceled now?
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Re: Melon pan, etc. in Osaka 2018/10/7 20:29
My airline company hk express, there is still typhoon affecting Japan.
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