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What's the title of this edo-period tv? 2018/10/4 09:34
This is an old Japanese series on edo-period. My question: What's the title of that series?.

Site with screenshots of the series:
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Re: What's the title of this edo-period tv? 2018/10/4 14:09
Oh my, I'm Japanese, but this is hard Q.
I saw other photos and other pages, but there was not any clue for that drama(時代劇 jidai-geki).

Although the image quality is good, it means remastered to DVD / BD,
I can declare that it is a work made more than 35 years ago from actors and costumes.
Also I do not know whether it is a TV series drama or a movie(film).
Color television and movies have spread in earnest since around 1970.
I guess those are around mid 1970's to around mid 1980's about 15 to 10 years.
And there is a high possibility that too old work is not good in preservation state,
I do not think that monochrome work was colorized.

So I think that it will not be solved unless it is shown to Japanese men over 60 years old.
That site is just a Chinese (maybe Taiwanese) is(or was?) only collecting "fighting scene" randomly.
Even if not a Japanese, know the name of the actress, because it is a man any time.
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Re: What's the title of this edo-period tv? 2018/10/4 15:21
The only old period TV drama series I remember is Abarembo Shogun, but this doesn't look like it.
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