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Snow Shoe hire - Hokkaido 2018/10/5 15:19

My husband and I are spending a few weeks on Hokkaido in February 2019 snowboarding. We land first in Chitose and will pick up a rental car. We are wondering where (probably in Sapporo) we might be able to hire some snow shoes so that we can access more of different mountains.

Are there any back country/mountaineering/outdoors stores in Sapporo that do this?

Any help appreciated.

Arigato gozaimasu
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Re: Snow Shoe hire - Hokkaido 2018/10/5 22:29

a few weeks ?

Have you ever considered purchasing new pairs?
The are many inexpensive models. I bought a pair in Otaru when visiting Hokkaido one winter a few years ago, could not recall the exact price, but they were not expensive.
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Re: Snow Shoe hire - Hokkaido 2018/10/5 23:11
Yes, Snow Shoe are not so expensive.
You can get them less than Y5000 at shoe stores and mall in Sapporo.
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