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Your favorite price comparison app? 2018/10/5 22:33
I'm looking for an android barcode scanning app that gives me the price comparison among various stores for items sold in Japan.

I've tried over a dozen from the PlayStore, and none of them are like what I see people in Japan using in various videos. Lots of the basic barcode apps themselves do some kind of price search, but nothing like what I want (and of course I can't post a photo here to better explain).

I know that Kakaku is supposed to be good, but I've tried three of their apps and none are what I am looking for (i.e., scanning a barcode in Japan and then finding prices from various stores). It might be that I have to be in Japan first before I can find the app I'm looking for, due to location restrictions.

I tried several Google searches, using various key words, but almost always get results for what I didn't ask for (like "car insurance in South Africa").

So, I would appreciate hearing what your favorite scanning/barcode/price app is for shopping in Japan. A Japanese language app is, of course, OK.

Thanks in advance
by Albert (guest)  

Re: Your favorite price comparison app? 2018/10/6 12:07
Nothing such apps and you are misunderstanding the basic part.
In Japan, price comparison is not done by bar code
and most shops prohibit the act of taking photo inside the shop, price tags especially.

It has been increasing Japanese who check the price tags and qualities actual products at shops
but order at cheaper price online shopping sites for more than 10 years.
I do not know what you are looking for, but the purpose for the Japanese going to the store has changed.
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