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Nikko Day Trip 2018/10/7 14:49
Hi, there are two of us and we intend to make a day trip to Nikko on a Tuesday in late October. We will be staying in Ginza. At Nikko, we intend to visit Lake Chuzenji + Kegon Falls, and the UNESCO sites - i.e. Toshogu, Futarasan, Rinnoji and Shinkyo Bridge (which are all within walking distance to each other).

Am I right to say that the Nikko All Area Pass would be the more cost-efficient option? Since it will cover all buses in the Nikko area (including to Chuzenji) and also round trip from Asakusa to Shimo-Imaichi (have to take 1 more stop to Tobu-Nikko?). It costs 4,520 yen, when the round-trip from Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko will already cost 3,160 yen.

Also, will first go to Chuzenji, Kegon Falls in the morning after we arrive, followed by Akechidaira ropeway, and then ending off with the temples in the afternoon. If we leave Asakusa by 7.30am, will we be able to cover everything?

Many thanks!
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Re: Nikko Day Trip 2018/10/7 16:36
I think we did the same. However, we didn't do the ropeway but went to the Ryuzu falls instead, which is worthwhile. At the time late March it was still very snowy so bring warm clothes.

At the end of the day it was a bit stressful as we did not want to miss the latest bus, and they don't run very late. Important to keep a good pace but it is feasible.
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Re: Nikko Day Trip 2018/10/7 16:42
Many thanks, I didn't think we would have enough time to cover Ryuzu Falls so wasn't planning to include it. Ropeway tickets are included in the Nikko Pass All Area so thought we should cover.

Another question, if anyone would know if it's fine to purchase the limited express train ticket (round-trip) on the day of visit? Understand that it requires reservation in advance. Is it possible that train tickets will sell out in advance?

Intend to purchase the Nikko Pass and discounted express train tickets at the Tobu Tourist Information Center at Asakusa.
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