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New fish market Toyosu 2018/10/8 16:09
Hello, Ifve read the articles on here regarding the new fish market in Toyosu but Ifm still unsure about this - can tourists watch the tuna auctions from day one (Oct 11)?

One article says the market is open for tourists from Oct 13 but Ifm not sure if thatfs the auction or other parts of the market. Any info would be great! Thank you!
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Re: New fish market Toyosu 2018/10/8 18:51
The market opens to tourists on October 13 at 10am. The next day the market is open is October 15.

However, it was also announced that tourists won't be able to view the tuna auction viewings until January 15, 2019. It is quite beyond me why they would keep that part of the market closed to tourists until next year, as it is by far the most interesting part of the otherwise rather bland market. I am still wondering whether it was some kind of misworded announcement. After all, the observation decks are fully separated from the action. One reason given is the expected overcrowding. I am puzzled.
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Re: New fish market Toyosu 2018/10/9 13:36
After further studying the matter, I think that visitors will be able to look down onto the tuna auctions from the windows above the auction hall from October 13, but the additional "open-air" observation deck on the lower level won't open until January 15.
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