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Amami or okinawa 2018/10/9 02:10
I will be travelling to Japan from 25th of march till 25th of april. I Plan to fly to tokio, from there on out take a plane to the south of Japan and travel back up to Tokio from there.

Now I was thinking of starting off on one of the Islands for a few days, kick off my vacation with a tropical island and from there on out fly back to nagasaki and really start my journey.

Since I only have time for one island, my question is; which one do you guys recommend? Okinawa or Amami?

Right now i lean towards Amami because if I understand correctly it has more of a tropical hawaii like feeling. The nice beaches and mangroove forest spark my attention.

Which of the two islands do you think is more interesting/special?
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Re: Amami or okinawa 2018/10/9 12:44
Whichever is warmer. March isnt really beach weather.
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Re: Amami or okinawa 2018/10/9 13:30
You are aware that Okinawa is a series of islands right? There are 5+ airports on different islands to choose from.
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Re: Amami or okinawa 2019/2/15 08:58
"Tokio" ----> " Tokyo"
Just an error you made and it was a little triggering
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Re: Amami or okinawa 2019/2/15 10:56
Amami is nice but public transport is limited.

Okinawa Island is a big island and I would not really call it a beach resort island - it's really busy here.

Have you thought of Ishigaki island which is a part of the Okinawa chains? It has it's own airport and has better transport links than Amami
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