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Fuji - Hakone trip 2018/10/10 11:55
Hi, need help in planning fuji hakone trip.
Traveling period: 3-6th april 2019, 4 days 3 nights, 2adults plus one 4 years old kid
3/4 shinjuku to fuji
4/4 fuji five lake
5/4 hakone
6/4 back to shinjuku

1) Is the fuji hakone 3 days pass still valid on 6/4 or i need to purchase my return ticket separately?
2) Should i stay 3 nights in fuji five lakes area so that i can have full day trip to hakone on the 5th, or should i stay in hakone on the 5th? I feel changing hotel is kind of time wasting.
3) Is renting a car at fuji more practical? Any parking issue there(free parking?)

Thx in advance.
by Ongyw  

Re: Fuji - Hakone trip 2018/10/11 00:38
Hi there,

I have only visited Hakone once. I would recommend renting a car as its just generally easier getting around in my opinion. When I was driving around Mt Fuji and Hakone area I had no issues with parking.

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Re: Fuji - Hakone trip 2018/10/11 06:15
Since you need a pass for 4 days. the passes offered wont work as they are for 3 days.

I would switch you location around and go to Hakaone first, and pick up the 3 day pass from Hakone, get the cheaper version without return trips included. Pay for you own way to get to Odawara and Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku.

This will work out cheaper as a 4 day option.
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Re: Fuji - Hakone trip 2018/10/12 07:44
Thank you very much!
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