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Transit in Omiya Station 2018/10/11 09:32
This is my first visit to Japan on 8 November 2018. I will be taking Shinkansen Max Toki from Ueno Station to Takayama on 12/11/2018. We only have 7 minutes to transfer to the next train to Toyama. How far is the platform to connect to the next train. Don't want to miss the train, please help.
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Re: Transit in Omiya Station 2018/10/11 13:18
Should be enough time to change Shinkansen at Omiya Station as it's not a big station.

Not sure you are aware there are plenty of Shinkansen between Ueno and Toyama http://www.hyperdia.com/en/cgi/en/intervaltime.html?dep_node=UENO&arv_...
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Re: Transit in Omiya Station 2018/10/11 15:26
Omiya station layout


If you look at hyperdia fir omiya[Saitama] to Toyama, youfll see the train frequency. If you miss one, catch the other.
I use Omiya (Saitama) mostly to change trains as itfs user friendly.
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