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Cheapest store? Don Quijote? Matsumoto? 2018/10/11 16:30
Hi, I like to buy Japanese health care products like sunblock, collagen pills, drinks & powder, facial masks, etc in bulk for personal use as they are much cheaper in Japan than in my country. I have a few preferred brands but I am not limited to only them; I do not mind exploring other brands.
I like to know which store is the cheapest. Is it Don Quijote? Matsumoto Kiyoshi? Aeon Supermarket? Daiei Supermarket? Any other store?

Please advise. Thank you.
by lim (guest)  

Re: Cheapest store? Don Quijote? Matsumoto? 2018/10/11 22:00
Apparently I had the problem last year buying for friends mainly beauty products and plaster etc. from my search there is no one shop that offers the cheapest, even the same companies shop can offer different price, and prices can change everyday, and if you after tax free, it's even more difficult, one product can be cheap, the other being expensive, whiles nest door shop can be really cheap.

My example is after those heat/cool plaster for a 12 pieces pack, one shop sell at 980yen, same shop down the street 1200yen, whiles the 24 pieces pack 1600yen, it can be found for 1090yen or even more.

So I hope this helps.
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