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I would like to sell kimono in Kanazawa City 2018/10/12 18:52
Last year I bought a kimono in Kyoto
I am going to Kanazawa this winter but I would like to sell kimono in Kanazawa at that time
I would like to sell the kimono, where is the best selling?
Even after searching, kimono shops are coming out, but I do not know where they sell higher
I would like to recycle to buy a new kimono, please tell me the recommendation
Thank you
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Re: I would like to sell kimono in Kanazawa City 2018/10/13 16:35
Kimono are a bit like cars... once you've bought it, its value drops dramatically. There are probably numerous places that will buy used kimono in Kanazawa, but I can guarantee that you'll only get a fraction of the price you bought it at, and certainly not near enough to cover a new kimono.

Are you living in a Western country right now? If so, I'd recommend instead selling on ebay or etsy or the like. You will get much more money than trying to sell it in Japan.
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Re: I would like to sell kimono in Kanazawa City 2018/10/15 14:40
If you check with Google it seems that there are many kimono purchase shops in Kanazawa


As you are saying, the kimono does not sell too high if you buy it once
However, since there is a kimono purchase specialist in Japan, how about having it be assessed once for free?
It seems that they do business trips and make appraisals for free


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