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Gaijin male divorced with a child 2018/10/13 00:08
If a gaijin male got married to a Japanese woman and got a child in the first, however in the second year of marriage, problems occurred that lead to divorce.
-Spouse visa will expire in six months
-Wife insists on divorce
-Gaijin male has no degree to get working visa
What types of visa can he ask for?
Is the only option he has is being deported after spouse visa period ends?
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Re: Gaijin male divorced with a child 2018/10/13 15:55
Sorry to hear of your situation. If you need to stay in Japan to support your child, you might be eligible for "long-term resident" status. But you might want to consult an immigration lawyer for details.
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Re: Gaijin male divorced with a child 2018/10/15 09:23
Support child must be a legit reason.
Since in Japan woman are considered to be the care taker of the child, PO should talk with his partner for support.

Even if she is not allow PO to see the child than there would be no reason to get long term visa since she can easily fight the rights in court.
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