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Dividing time between Tokyo and Kyoto 2018/10/13 12:28
I will be travelling to Japan from 9th to 20th November. My plan is do split my days between Tokyo and Kyoto and do some day trips to nearby places.
One of the main target is to watch Autumn leaf colours. As i went through various websites, almost all suggested that my dates are little early for Autumn leafs in Kyoto.

Although places around Tokyo do get Autumn leafs by mid November but are they as beautiful as in Kyoto?

Can someone please guide me if i will be able to watch autumn leafs in TokyoKyoto especially Arashiyama during my travel dates. If not then what are my options.

One extreme option i have is to extend stay in Japan by 2 days but that will cost me some money and not sure if is it really worth it.

Please shares your thoughts/suggestions.
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Re: Dividing time between Tokyo and Kyoto 2018/10/13 17:34
As 70% of the land in Japan is a mountain, there are many autumn leaves spots.
The autumn leaves front "gtO(koyo zensen)" begins
from cold Hokkaido(kC) in the north and down to warm Kyushu(B) in the south,
and in the case of mountains, it will come down from a high altitude to lower places.
The front is influenced by the temp, if cold days continue it moves fast, but warm days continue will be slow.

So some days before departing for Japan, you can check with multiple autumn leaves report sites.
The meaning of "/(migoro)" is "peak (=best time to see)".
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